Bailey Stein

CS Student, Entrepreneur, and Producer

I am passionate about fulfilling high-quality user experiences and have a wide range of experience, from managing my online business with a strong emphasis on customer experience to developing user interfaces with a variety of tools and frameworks.


Independent Business Owner

  • Deliver fast, reliable internet access to over 300 monthly subscribers across the United States via existing 4G LTE infrastructure
  • Track and respond to about 100 monthly customer service tickets with personalized troubleshooting, answers to general questions, and billing accommodations
  • Achieved 120% year-over-year subscriber growth in 2019 by improving the customer experience with feedback analyses, subsidized equipment, and improved email response times
December 2017 - Present

Writer & Video Producer

  • Published 68 written articles and 75 videos receiving 23.2 million views from a diverse global audience
  • Collaborated with marketing teams at some of the largest smartphone manufacturers to produce native content for various ad campaigns
  • Reported on announcements for nearly a dozen press events
May 2015 - Present


University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science
Major in Computer Science
Minor in Writing

Relevant Coursework
  • EECS 493 – User Interface Development
  • EECS 485 – Web Systems
  • ENTR 390 – Digital Product Design
  • EECS 281 – Data Structures & Algorithms
  • PSYCH 240 – Cognitive Psychology
September 2016 - April 2020


Programming Languages & Tools

JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML, CSS
Java, jQuery, AWS, WordPress
C, C#, Java, Angular, React, Vue.js


Sketch, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro